The Entrance – a place where pelicans live


The Entrance is located on the NSW Central Coast where the magnificent Tuggerah Lake meets the Pacific Ocean. Being so close to both Newcastle and Sydney it has become the ideal holiday destination for many.

In 1999, The Entrance waterfront was named ‘The Pelican Capital of Australia’ by Wyong Council to coincide with the opening of a pelican feeding platform as part of the waterfront redevelopment. The daily feeding of the pelicans at 3.30 pm daily has been a regular event at The Entrance for around 20 years since an employee at Clifford’s fish shop Peter Major started giving them his scraps during his lunch break. The daily practice attracts 20,000 visitors annually.

This is a great place to visit during weekend such what I did in the beginning of January.

PremaPhoto_ (25)simple and fancy

PremaPhoto_02old and modern

PremaPhoto_ (24)greeting of the locals

PremaPhoto_ (3)leisure on the water

PremaPhoto_ (4)parks and streets

PremaPhoto_ (8)show of pelican feeding by volunteers

PremaPhoto_27they like to pose

PremaPhoto_ (7)have fun with visitors

PremaPhoto_ (10)tourist with souvenir

PremaPhoto_ (20)perfect time to go to the beach

PremaPhoto_ (16)ocean waves under control

PremaPhoto_ (21)hurry up

PremaPhoto_ (15)sculptures by the sea

PremaPhoto_ (1)rest + fish and cheeps

PremaPhoto_ (9)play like dolphin in warm water

PremaPhoto_ (23)enjoy surfing and kiting

PremaPhoto_ (22)come back to city and playground

PremaPhoto_ (6)delicious gelato on the waterfront

PremaPhoto_ (5)transport on the lake

PremaPhoto_ (18)imprisoned

PremaPhoto_ (17)boating and fishing

PremaPhoto_ (12)trees above and under

PremaPhoto_ (14)big and small

PremaPhoto_ (13)artificial gold

PremaPhoto_ (11)last sight

and see you later pelicans

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