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Orson – Family film and photos in Mosman

I love being a photographer and videographer in Sydney, Australia. The city and surrounding areas are the perfect setting for playful, sweet, and elegant shoots. 

Prema Photo sessions are shot in locations familiar to our clients because it’s important that people, especially children, feel comfortable and inspired by their surroundings.


This shoot with Grigori, Alyona, and their little son Orson was done in Mosman, a suburb on Sydney’s lower North Shore. It is a favorite suburb of theirs and they spent a lot of time there before Orson was born. Now as a family, the beautiful parks, amazing kids’ playgrounds, cafes, and the relaxing Balmoral Beach make Mosman their go-to weekend destination.


It was a warm spring day and the purple flowers of the jacaranda trees made a charming backdrop for their photos and videos together. 


A couple of weeks before the session, Grigori and Alyona gave me a list of Orson’s favorite things to do. They had expected him to be photographed excited about the beach, chasing seagulls, trying new foods, collecting sticks and rocks, drinking from the fountain, or receiving loads of attention from other people.


However, when it came time to shoot, Orson seemed to have completely different interests. He even seemed unenthusiastic about trying ice cream for the first time. Of course, that could be because dad had already introduced it to him in secret. Imagine mom’s surprise!


Orson’s parents even brought lemon wedges hoping I would capture his funny reaction to the sour flavor he would taste. But instead, he happily ate the lemons as if they were candy.


Because Orson’s interests seemed to have changed, Grigori and Alyona just enjoyed playing with him. They copied his funny mumbling, jumped up and down with him, and whirled with him on a swing. The joy this family shared was contagious.


It’s amazing how quickly children change, not just in looks, but in how they act, their tastes, and their preferences. It’s easy for parents to stress if their child’s behavior or interests are different than usual during a session. My work requires me to take up a little side job as a psychologist to keep parents calm and reassure them not to get discouraged.


A huge tip I share with parents is to let their kids be in the moment. A photo or video session should be as natural and spontaneous as possible, so the end results are full of life.  

When kids can be in the moment, their reactions, though perhaps different than expected, are still special. It’s still a moment in their childhood worth preserving.

This is what sets Prema Photo apart from other photography and videography services. What I capture isn’t posed. It’s spontaneous and genuine.


Overall, this session was a very pleasant time for me, Orson, and his parents. Grigori had said it was enjoyable and stress-free and Alyona remarked that they couldn’t be happier. In three hours and three locations, I was able to capture more than 3 minutes of film and more than 100 stills for them to keep.


The film and photos were a perfect Christmas gift for Orson’s grandparents who live overseas. The video was even more special to the grandparents because they could enjoy the moments Grigori, Alyona, and Orson shared during the session as if they were right there with them.


Read Grigori and Alyona’s review of Prema Photo below. 

Diana is absolutely amazing, she makes the whole process fun, enjoyable and absolutely stress-free, while creating great photos and videos. Highly recommend. Thank you Diana for the wonderful memories you created for us!


I had a great experience with Nikolay and Diana. They did our family photoshoot and video. The results are absolutely amazing, we couldn’t be happier. The video in particular is great as it has a movie quality at the same time looking natural and not staged. Definitely recommend!


Prema Photo has been making professional photography and videography since 2013 and strives to reach the highest expectations of each client by delivering elegant, high-quality films and photo galleries. 

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With love, Diana.