Balmoral Beach for TWO


Being a photographer and videographer in Sydney, Australia has allowed me to connect with many different people and make so many new friends. 

One of those friends was Jason. At one time, we both lived in the same suburb in Sydney and took the same ferry route to the city. We connected after I saw him post a beautiful picture of a sunset over the harbor while riding a ferry home from work. Three years since then, we remained good online friends. 

One day I received a direct message from Jason, “I’m getting married, we need a photographer”. 

I’m, of course, always happy to photograph and film a friend’s wedding so I quickly had him book a session. 

The very next day, I met up with Jason and though it was our first time meeting offline, we felt like good friends. We caught up for a bit and then scouted the area for good places to take wedding portraits. His fiancé, Erika, was in Slovakia bringing her parents back to Sydney for the wedding. 

Jason and Erika decided a big wedding would be too crowded and uncomfortable for them after attending a huge wedding for Jason’s sister. They dreamed of eloping on a beautiful tropical island, but Erika’s parents asked them to have a Catholic wedding ceremony inside a church. They couldn’t refuse the request, as it was a family tradition, and planned a traditional church wedding at the Sacred Hearts Catholic Church in Mosman with their close family and friends. 

As with most weddings, the days leading up to the big day were stressful for Jason and Erika. I joined them during the rehearsal ceremony and gave them the support they needed to help calm their pre-wedding jitters. I also met with the priest who would officiate the wedding. He let me know where I could place myself to take photos and asked me to avoid using a flash setting. Every church has different rules regarding photography and our crew makes sure we responsibly sort out all the details so the day of the ceremony runs seamlessly 

On the day of the wedding, Erika, a sweet, quiet bride, was a little nervous about being the center of attention. But her anxiety was calmed by the party vibes that surrounded her as her family helped her prepare. Soon she was laughing with her friends as her mother served traditional Slovak pies and her father poured slivovica – a traditional plum liquor. 


After I took photos of the bride getting ready, I drove to the church to meet Jason and his family. He was also very nervous by all the people so I supported him buy helping him focus only on his beautiful soon-to-be wife. 


Ave Maria was played on the piano by Erika’s best friend as the ceremony began. You could see the bride and groom were full of emotion as the bride was led down the aisle by her father. When they finally stood before each other, and the priest pronounced them husband and wife, they couldn’t keep back smiles and tears. 


Every wedding has its unique incident, and usually, it’s unfortunate weather. But for Jason and Erika, it’s that they couldn’t find their wedding rings before the ceremony. The rings were sitting in a box ready to go just a day before the wedding but during all the preparations, they disappeared. It was a blessing that Erika’s parents, who were married for 40 years, gave their wedding bands to the bride and groom. And to everyone’s surprise, the rings fit perfectly! The newlyweds found their own rings in a laundry basket a week after they returned from their tropical island honeymoon. 


Before the reception at Balmoral Beach Club, we took wedding portraits and group pictures with family and friends at Balmoral beach park – the newlywed’s favorite place to go to have dinner or to relax after work. 


Prema Photo has a 3-hour wedding package that’s perfect for wedding ceremonies like Jason and Erika’s. It’s enough time to cover the ceremony, portraits, and start of the reception if the venue is close by. 


Though they had some pre-wedding jitters at the beginning of this session, the entire wedding shoot was full of excitement and joy. Jason and Erika expressed appreciation to Prema Photo for helping them get through the day and that they couldn’t be happier with the results. My team and I were delighted to capture every detail for them. The photos and videos of their wedding day will forever be a time capsule of their special day. 


Congratulations Jason and Erika! May your life be full of joy, love, and mutual respect. 

Read Jason and Erika’s testimonials of Prema Photo below. 

“Thank you for everything you did on Saturday. We really appreciate it. It was such an amazing day and I have to thank you for all your help getting us through the day.” 


“Thank you, Diana, for your amazing job capturing our wedding, We both could not be happier with the results and will recommend your services to anyone.”


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